An Effective Online Business Model – What You Must Look For |

If you are considering venturing into the world of e-commerce or are failing to make any money online, it is worth spending time posing the question “do I have an effective online business model”. So many people are sucked into the world of e- commerce with big promises of making fast cash on demand, without paying proper attention to their business concept and their business model.Any business, whether that be online or offline needs to have an effective business model for it to be successful, it is the very back bone of your business. The following business model is my preferred business model that can be used across many different niches and markets online. It also works extremely well for offline ventures as well, for people who are independent contractors / self- employed.An effective online business model – the three parts you need.

The following business model is made up of three parts that work together to form the overall business income, as said before it can be applied in any market or niche.1) Residual Income – This is income that comes to you in the form of a recurring payment over a set time period, usually monthly. This may come to you in the form of recommending people to a particular membership site, can come from continued use of a product that you have already sold to the customer once or even as part of an agreed contract package, all most like a retainer salary. This is income that comes in day after day, week after week, month after month, for work that you have done once.2) Joint Venture or affiliate income – This is where you make sales of other people’s products and you will receive a commission for the sale. It is a one off payment on a per sale per product basis. You could for example sell a training course or guide, tickets to an event, physical products such as books or DVD’s anything really that pays you a commission per sale.3) High Ticket – This is where it really gets interesting and this one concept has the ability to transform your income online and even offline. A high ticket product is something that carries with it a price tag that is four figure or more and is a direct sale to you (i.e. you keep all the profits) or a very generous commission on other peoples products (four figures or above commissions). Typically your high ticket income will come in the form of a product, service that someone considers extremely valuable. An example online could be a business opportunity to join, a membership of a community, a coaching and mentoring package the list goes on. An example offline could be a sports coach selling a large package of lessons and coaching to one individual e.g. a golf professional selling a twenty lesson package instead of his usual four lesson or five lesson package.

The above three points I believe are absolutely crucial in creating an effective online business model and therefore a profitable online business. If one or more of the components are out of harmony with the rest then you will find yourself struggling to generate the kind of income you are looking from your e-commerce efforts.To find out more on how you can create your own effective online business model using the above concepts as your road map to success, visit the link below.

How to Start an Online Business With Ease |

You can easily start an online business if you know the right steps to take. These days, many people do business online. Several companies have also come into the online market place. You too can succeed if you know how to go about the process. You can start by following these tips discussed below:• Develop a business plan
You’re starting point when thinking of building a lasting online career is to develop a business plan. You must have something to sell on the internet. Your business plan can be an idea. You can start by selling a nice product. You can equally plan to sell a service. If you have a good talent, you can plan selling it online. Your business plan must be carefully thought out. You have to plan how to execute the idea in order to make enough returns. You can create time to search a market niche for your business plan. Once you have the plan set, you can be sure of succeeding in your online career.

• Set up your Virtual Office
There’s a need to have a virtual office for your online business. You can work comfortably from the confines of your bedroom. All you need is to have a cubicle. You need a computer for your virtual office. You also need a fast internet connection. You don’t need to spend huge sums of money to procure a good computer and a fast internet connection. You can easily purchase them very cheap from reliable dealers around. You also need a good office desk and chair for your business. Once you have these equipments, you’re set to start your business on the internet.• Create a Website for Your Business
To start an online business successfully, you need to have a platform to sell your idea. The best platform you can have is a good website. You can start by creating a free blog or a free website for your business idea. There are several online resources offering free blogs and free websites. You simply need to sign up to use such resources. Once your business starts to yield enough cash, you can create a better website for it. You don’t need to spend much on that since there are web designers offering quality web design services at affordable rates. Your site can easily be developed and hosted on a reliable server. You can also register a nice domain name for the website.

• Promote Your business daily
You can do well in any online career when you engage in daily business promotion. This is very vital if you truly want to succeed. You have to promote your product or service on daily basis. If you have a website for your business, you have to submit the link to various online directories. You can write nice articles or reviews about your product and get them published on popular article directories. You have to include your website link on the articles. Once they are published, people can easily visit your site through the link.Finally, you’ve got to be patient to make it in any online business venture. You have to keep working day and night in order to succeed with ease.